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25 de enero de 2013

Kittie old Interview


by: Nick Weidenfeld

How Old Are You?

Mercedes: Can we just screw the age part? It makes people think that we're Britney Spears or something. People tend to look at the age instead of the music. Look at Silver Chair, for instance. People called them Kindergarten Sound Garden forever. 
Talena: I don't mind saying my age, I'm 16. 
Fallon: Age? I don't know. 
Morgan: I'll be 18 in a few months.

Can you disclose what grade you all are in, or are you taking some time off school?

Talena: I'm in 11th grade. 
Mercedes: Um, I'm in grade...1. 
Fallon: I'm kind of between grade 11 and 12. I'm taking off school this week to do this. They gave me all the work in advance, so I could do all of it and be ahead of everybody. 
Morgan: I'm in 12th grade.

Tell me about the name "Kittie".

Talena: We made the name up like two or three years ago, when we played our very first show. The name was kinda contradictory to what we were doing and what we were about. Kittie sounds very docile and sucky.

One of your dads is the manager?

Morgan: He's not necessarily the manager. "Kittie" is a corporation, and we're all directors of it. We all have more percentages in the company than anybody. He's the mediator. 
Mercedes: Face it, nobody's gonna listen to kids.

Did you ever sneak out of your house when your parents went to sleep to go over to a boy's house?

Fallon: No. My dad won't even allow me to be in a boy's house or a boy to be in my house alone.
But he lets you get up on a stage basically naked while you bite the crotch off a blow up doll?
Fallon: Yeah. Isn't that weird?
Your parents won't see this interview so tell me the truth.
Morgan: I pierced my as* cheeks shut, and Fallon sucked my **** for 25 cents. 
Fallon: that's so cheap. 
Morgan: Sorry, $25.

Do you have boyfriends?

All: No.

Do you want boyfriends?

Mercedes: We intimidate boys because we're big scary Amazon women. 
Fallon: Boy's don't like me. 
Talena: Boys like to dump me in mosh pits.

In terms of bases, how far have you gotten with a boy?

Talena: I'm not going to answer that question. 
Fallon: I've never had a boyfriend, I wouldn't know. 
Morgan: What kind of magazine is this?

Which one of you is the sloppiest drunk?

Talena: That would have to be me because I puke almost every time. I have no tolerance for alcohol. 
Mercedes: You have to drink Canadian beer. American beer is like douche water.

Would you punch an alien?

Morgan: Jesus Christ, I hate them. If they came up to my room and probed me up the as*, I would definitely punch an alien. You know when you're watching those close encounter shows and they're all like, "the aliens, they made me paralyzed and then they all came into my room and hovered over me." I would be so scared. I'm already scared as it is. I sleep with my lights on because I'm scared of aliens. 
Mercedes: If they came after me with one of those anal probing instruments, I would be like, "sucka, "BAM! 
Talena: I would knock one of those ugly things right the fu** out.

You sound kind of scary on some of the songs, screaming one verse and singing on the next. What are you screaming about?

Morgan: Lots of stuff. There's just a lot of anger. Basically, it's normal stuff: perverts, idiots, pedophiles, bitc***, closed-minded people. 
Talena: Its like , you can't just go up to someone on the street and start yelling at them about what you think of them, but you can do it on stage.

Is this going to be the last season of 90210?

Morgan: I hope so. They're so not in college. I used to watch when I was six. Luke Perry has gotten hair plugs and stuff. They resurrected him from the dead and pumped him full of shi* to make him alive again.

You all are Canadians, right?

All: Yes.

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls?

Morgan: We have friends who piss into Niagara Falls. There are two sides to Niagara Falls, the Canadian side and the American side. The Canadian side is much prettier.

What do you think about nude beaches?

Mercedes: There should be an age limit. We don't want to see twelve year old boys running around or women with their saggy, wrinkly breasticles. 
Morgan: We also don't want to see naked 80-year-old men.

What do you think about the movie "Beaches"?

Fallon: It's so sad! 
Morgan: I've never seen it. 
Fallon: You've seen it. It has that song: "Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero." 
Morgan: I know that song in sign language.

Do I still have a shot for a date?

Fallon: I guess.

-end of interview *courtesy of While You Were Sleeping www.whileyouweresleeping.com

Source: Guerrilla One

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